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Computers are my passion. For over 25 years, I've been developing my skills, and today, I use them to help people just like you. Whether it's a malware infection (no matter how complex), failing hard drive, persistent error message, or just a slow PC, I can most certainly solve your problem—with the greatest of care and expertise, and consequently, the lowest risk to your data.

True Expertise
Your data is safe! Trust my years of experience and certified expertise.
Zero markup on all parts
Zero incentive to sell you extra junk—and no corporate partnerships!
Fast & friendly service
I'm quick, but unfailingly thorough... and I actually have a personality!
Satisfaction Guaranteed
100%. This part's implied; my (3,000+) clients are invariably happy.

You get me
Not some 16-year-old kid handling your precious data.
Professionally equipped
No compromises. I only use the best (expensive!) tools and software.
I'm honest
Honest! My only goal is to make you happy so you'll refer me.
Unmatched capability
I've developed a proprietary toolkit that's years ahead of competition.

I'm a different kind of tech than what you're used to. I am the solution to your problem.

I'm here because there just aren't enough solutions out there for people who need help with technology. Worse yet, the price of such service, trustworthy or not, is typically outrageously high. I rarely advertise, and I never partner with companies to try and sell you specific remedies just to make a quick buck. I charge zero markup on all parts and equipment, so I have zero incentive to sell you stuff you don't need. I just find your problem. And fix it. For good.

You'll find honest and straightforward explanations of everything I do here on this website, and you'll get precisely the same from me when you hire me. So no matter what the issue, whether at home or the office, I'm here for you. Relax—let me show you how it should be done.

Welcome to the solution.

What I can do for you

Chances are, you were referred to me by someone else... and there's a reason for that. When you hire me, you know that I'll be doing the work for you personally. Better still, I have no financial or political allegiances to any manufacturer. I work for myself and for you only.

When I perform a service, I go the extra mile to ensure everything is as it should be. I honestly don't compete based on price—I compete with results.

I work in-lab, on-site, and remotely—whatever's most convenient for you. My basic rates are:
$96/hr in-lab (drop-off)
$128/hr remote
$168/hr on-site ($200/hr for business)

A handful of services and core functions are billed flat-rate for simplicity. Some services require a particular environment; I'll let you know about those while we're planning for your needs.

Triple-S Tune-up
$149 - $249
    This isn't just a tune-up, but rather a complete performance overhaul of your PC. It's one of my favorite skills; you'll wonder where I've been all this time. Prepare to be wowed.
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General Support
    This includes (but is not limited to) advanced disinfection work, general software consulting, networking design & troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, and much, much more.
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New PC Purchases
flat-rate (+ cost only)
    I don't sell PCs. I buy them the way they ought to be bought—at ridiculous prices, and zero markup—and prepare them with precision. Buy with me and never look back.
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Advanced Data Recovery
starting at
$249 - $399
    The most affordable professional data recovery in Louisville. Logical recoveries start at $249, advanced DeepSpar Imager recoveries start at just $399—nearly half of typical.
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The typical customer experience

a.k.a.: why I've never done a dollar of marketing

1. call triple-s
2. stop worrying
3. problem solved
4. smile again :)


I do practically everything, with very few exceptions!                           
Below is a partial list of my most popular services. Chances are, if you need it, I can do it!   

Say goodbye to your slow machine. If you think you've seen a computer tune-up before, just wait until I'm through with it!  
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I'm one of the only local professionals with data recovery equipment on hand. I can recover 80%+ of drives at nearly half the usual cost! 
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This isn't your typical disinfection. I don't run scans; I manually clean up machines using decades of expertise. No stone unturned!   
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Buy with me and you'll never go anywhere else again! I don't SELL computers; I work with you to get the best possible PC at a ludicrous price.      
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Yes, I can come to you! I'm quick, thorough, and *actually have a personality*! Yes, I know it's unheard of in this industry... but so am I ;-)    
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As with everything else, I own the best available remote service software packages, and I can easily solve many issues over the internet!
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